Darin and Samantha, with their son Brandon, the 4th generation to work on Ferreira & Son Dairy

3rd Generation, Humboldt County, Organic Dairy

Humboldt County finally has its first truly local milk processing and bottling plant on site in the Arcata Bottoms!

Ferreira & Son Dairy recently completed their year long project of builidng an onsite milk processing and bottling plant. The cows are grass fed only and are certified organic. The milk is then pasteurized and bottled on site.

Ferreira and Son Dairy is currently ran by Darin Ferreira, a third generation dairy farmer. Darin’s grandparents moved from Ferndale to the Arcata Bottoms after the flood in 1955 to begin the dairy. Darin took over running the dairy in 2018.  The dairy has been certified organic since 2007 and certified grass fed in 2016

 The dairy strives to live off the resources of the land. The milk is processed right from the tank and bottled into glass bottles and distributed to local stores. These bottles can be returned where they are cleaned and santized for reuse.

The milk can be purchased at these local stores – The Country Store in Arcata, Fieldbrook Market, Indianola Market, Eureka Natural Foods, Murphy’s Markets, Wildberries, Valley Grocery, Chevron (Myrtle Ave, Eureka, Dazey’s (Arcata) and the North Coast Co-op.

Ferreira and Son Dairy wants to thank everyone for their love and support and hopes you enjoy the product.

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