Grass to Glass

Humboldt County’s Local Dairy

Ferreira & Son Dairy Organic milk is available at The Country Store in Arcata, Fieldbrook Market, Indianola Market, Eureka Natural Foods, Murphy’s Markets, North Coast Co-ops, Myrtle Ave Market, Valley Grocery, Wildberries, Chevron (Myrtle Avenue, Eureka) and Dazey’s (Arcata).

Pasteurizers at Ferreira & Son Dairy
Bottled in the Arcata Bottoms

Ferreira & Son Dairy is the only on-site creamery in Humboldt County. The cows are milked, then the milk is pasteurized and bottled in half gallon and quart glass jugs. The glass bottles are returned to the store to be reused.

Organic milk in a reusable glass bottle

Certified USDA Organic in 2007, Ferreira & Son Dairy is focused on raising healthy cows and caring for their 3rd generation dairy to ensure longevity for the herd and their environment.

Cows graze in the Arcata Bottoms

Grass-fed cows produce milk that is high in nutrients and is good for the environment. Pasture feeding systems are efficient in their use of resources through grassland and soil management.